We manage complete cybersecurity lifecyclesince 1997


We assess security of your organization, infrastructure, application and data to ensure that company meets all compliance and cybersecurity requirements.


Cybersecurity and compliance is a process. We make it easy while protecting your most valuable assets:
reputation and information.


Attack scenarios and techniques changes all the time. We enable organizations to win this race thanks to risk based approach.


We ensure that all your processes and resources are secure and that no unauthorized access has taken place.


Compliance is a complex process. We make it easy while enabling companies to still be innovative, competitive and conduct their business as usual.


We enable organization to: develop, deliver, support and contract secure software.

for over 100 organizations.



We remove your uncertainty gap about how secure and ready to cyber threats your business really is by assessing complete organization, applications and infrastructure security using advanced and innovative penetration techniques.

Assessing your enterprise security level allows to identify and eliminate not only weak links in cybersecurity protection chain but enables AVET INS to eliminate root cause of introducing those weak links in the first place and address this problem in the future and meet compliance criteria.

Penetration testing


You need to your business being secure by default, out-of-the-box, 24/7. AVET INS protects your enterprise most valuable assets: trust, data, users and applications.

Constant cybersecurity monitoring is not only a compliance requirement, it also enables you to quickly react to dynamically changing cyber threats landscape and continuously protecting your enterprise from future attacks.

Developing secure applications and systems decreases cost of support and change management, minimizes risk and increases overall security while meeting all compliance requirements.

Cybersecurity monitoring
Secure Coding
Software Security
Securing Environment


Imagine your most innovative business idea: we will secure it and assure it is compliant with different regulators requirements without taking out any of your brilliant innovations from your plan due to compliance issues.

Provide your customers with trust evidence they need to conduct business with you.

Address complex both technical and business process issues quickly.

ISO 27001
Cloud Security

Over 21 years of experience in cybersecurity management

We have more than 21 years of experience in delivering cybersecurity, risk management and compliance consulting services for customers across European Union. As an independent consultant and auditor we help medium and larg enterprises managing cybersecurity effectively.

Our main sectors include (in alphabetical order): Automotive, Banking, Cloud Service Providers, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, IoT, Payments, Software Development, Telco.

Polish Committee
for Standardization - ISO
Military University
of Technology Quality Certification Center
Ministry of Digital Affairs
Internet Of Things
Working Party
Cloud Industry
Select Group (CSIG).
Aleksander P. Czarnowski
CEO & Founder

Aleksander is original founder of AVET INS in 1997. He started his cybersecurity experience when first viruses targeting MS-DOS system came to Poland around 1989. After he took apart first virus samples for analysis he knew that this is something he want to be involved for the rest of his life. Under his leadership AVET INS has grown from small cybersecurity company selling its services to customers in Poland, to a recognizable brand with customers including UK, The Nederland’s, Slovakia, Romania, Estonia and Luxembourg.

He is a member of Cloud Industry Select Group (CSIG) in European Commission and a coauthor of SLA Standardization Guidelines published by European Commission. He was a founder and first chairman of Cybersecurity commission in Business Center Club. He is also a member of the Polish Committee for Standardization (Polski Komitet Normalizacyjny – PKN) Technical Committee 182 responsible for ISO 27000 standards.

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